Sunday, May 19, 2013

Picture on the Wall

Note: To a friend

She’s never letting him go
Without him in the picture
Life’s too hard on her own
And habits die hard
She keeps dialing the phone
But all she can hear is the empty ringtone.

And she thinks all is lost
But it makes no difference
Her friends gave her warnings
And she chose not to listen.

Now she’s crying through tears
And she’s afraid of what’s next
Frozen with fear
But she cannot forget
How she felt and how she feels
Without him in the picture
It all becomes clear.

It wasn’t her and it wasn’t him
It was the picture that just didn’t fit in
The frame of what they used to be
And what they wanted to be
Couldn’t frame the truth of their reality.

And maybe the truth wasn’t perfect
And the love proved to be false
Disrespect and neglect
Couldn’t be placed on the walls
But she hoped it would stay
And that it would hang on
But the dreams that she framed
Were destined to fall. 

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